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You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto by aeroport_art, and Let's Call the Whole Thing Off by solarcat05

Title: You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto
Author: aeroport_art
Reader: helva2260
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur and Merlin have their own interpretations of what the hell happened That Night. They're both wrong and kind of deluded. But they still get lucky, so who's counting?
File info: mp3, 18.1MB, 18:33
Permanent Link: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/you-say-tomato-and-i-say-tomahto

Title: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Author: solarcat05
Reader: helva2260
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto. In retrospect, Merlin's ridiculous concerns about being executed make a lot more sense.
File info: mp3, 8.8MB, 8:53
Permanent Link: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/lets-call-whole-thing-off

In addition, the stories can be found here as a combined album:

Title: You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto & Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
File info: m4b podbook, 31.6MB, 27:23
Permanent Link: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/you-say-tomato-and-i-say-tomahto-and-lets-call-whole-thing-off-audiobook
File info: mp3, 25.4MB, 27:23
Permanent Link: http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/you-say-tomato-and-i-say-tomahto-and-lets-call-whole-thing-off

X-posted to helva2260 and merlinxarthur
Tags: archived, file: mp3, file: podbook (m4b), genre: slash, reader: helva2260

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